Turning the Tide

Introducing the Hwacheon CUTEX 180A YSMC.  This is an extremely capable machine for a value price.  Hwacheon has taken the best of the market and made it better in just about every way.  Compact, Powerful and Very Flexible.

How to Win Races

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Magnafuel is a manufacturer of the world’s finest fuel delivery systems.  Please go to their website for more information…www.Magnafuel.com.

If you’re in Colorado Springs stop by and check out their new prototype shop.  They recently acquired a HURCO VM10i Vertical Machining Center and a TM8i Turning center.

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Tear it apart to make it right.

This is a video of a Hwacheon CUTEX 240MC Turning Center doing a crude repeatability test that we put together.  The process starts at a location, makes several moves, both rapid and feed, and then comes back to the origin.  Although there is a lot more to making an accurate part than just a repeatable machine, this test helps us eliminate variables that can cause inconsistencies.  If the machine is correct, then it must be something else in the process.  In this case, the machine is spot on.  After running 100+ cycles our indicator is still reading 0.

How to make an Egg Carton.

This is a demo of the HURCO VMX42HSi High Speed Machining Center. It is cutting p20 Steel into a mold for an Egg Carton. We will have a machine just like this on our floor in 2 weeks ready for demonstration. It has an 18,000 RPM Big Plus Spindle and HURCOS’ Ultimotion software to keep up with the highest of feed rates. Come in a take a look.