Moving Metal 1/2″ At A Time.

This is a demo that Mastercam put together to show off their Dynamic Milling Capabilities.  We ran this at 240 Inches Per Minute, .5″ Deep with a 7% Step Over in HURCO VMX42i.  We ran the same demo on a competitors machine and were only able to feed at 180 Inches Per minute due to chatter.   Thanks to Mastercam and HURCO Ultimotion, the part looks fantastic and shows no chatter marks at the transition points.

We have the smartest customers…

2016-10-06 15.39.36.jpg

This is Old School Industries first part off of their new Hanwha XD32 Swiss turning center.  They started with no experience with Swiss turning and are now making parts like these within a couple of weeks.  Kudos Ted.   With it’s 32mm capacity they have capability that few swiss machines in the market have.  If you need something turned call Ted.

Here’s more information on the machine they bought…


Self Contained 3D Printer for your HURCO Machining Center.

HURCO has developed a 3-D printing head that acts like a standard tool.  In seconds you can convert any HURCO vertical machining center with version 10 software into a 3D Printer.  The head is a completely self-contained and runs off of the spindle rotation.  The spindle turns a generator in the printer head that controls the heat and the feed.  No wires, cables, etc.. Just manually load the tool into the spindle and print.

If you already have a printer and you want to print a HURCO conversational or NC file, you can export that program into an STL file at the machine.   The file can be transferred directly from the HURCO WINmax control to your printer via USB, Ethernet, or Thumb Drive.