Fall Special

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Hanwha is offering their famous XE20 Swiss Turning Center at a special price this fall.  This 20mm Swiss machine offers a 10,000 RPM Main Spindle and 8,000 RPM sub spindle to alleviate second operations.  Industry standard Fanuc Control, Live Tooling, Parts Catcher, etc…  Although it’s meant to make small parts, Hanwha always over builds with the heaviest castings, largest ball screws and even a 7.5 HP spindle motor.  This kind of overbuilding places them as the 4th largest swiss machine manufacturer in the world.  Click here to request more information. 

Hanwha XE20 $109,940.00



New Horizontal Machining Center


Introducing the latest addition to the HURCO Horizontal Machining Center Line.  This is the HM1700i and can be ordered in either a 3 or 4 Axis configuration.  It has a large 67″ x 36″ table with travels to match.  Standard is an 8,000 RPM spindle with 35 HP and 298 Ft/lbs of torque.  The control is a HURCO MAX 5, the same platform shared by the entire line, seamless integration.