That’s pretty Sharp


Recently the country’s foremost gunsmithing school, Colorado School of Trades founded 1947, has acquired 21 New Sharp Engine Lathes.  Jarred McNeely, Director of Education, is always trying to improve their program by having an up-to-date facility for students to learn in.  Over 140 students are enrolled in their program at any time.  Students can either graduate and start their own business, like Artisan Bart Miller, or they can go into other machining trades.  This program is not like others that teach strictly CNC equipment.  Along with their CNC department, they teach basic manual machining skills that equate into a highly skilled graduate, not just a button pusher.

Although this is a school, they also have the largest fully functioning gun repair shop in the United States.  This shop is open to the public as well as local law enforcement agencies.  They work on 4,000 to 5,000 customer’s firearms each year.  This real-life experience is the reason graduates are the best in the industry.

sharps-in-a-row.jpgScreen Shot 2017-07-17 at 11.13.23 AM.png

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