School starts next week and the Freshmen are moving in.  The city of Boulder goes from 5,000 to 200,000 in just a few days.  The University of Colorado needed to upgrade their engineering lab and came to us with a challenge, get two machines into the basement lab.  Who ever designed the building had no intentions of putting 20,000 lbs of machines into its’ inner sanctum.  We took the challenge and ran with it.  First of all, our service engineers needed to disassemble each machine from 104.5″ tall, down to 84.5″.  We then craned each down an embankment over the trees and through a courtyard.  The machines were then able to fit into a hole into a doorway that was made for a really short guy.  Through a second doorway, down the middle of the electronics test lab, by the hydraulics test tank and through another doorway.   All of this in the middle of an eclipse.

HURCO into CU.jpg