5 for the discerning crowd

Introducing the Hyundai-Wia 5 axis machining center that will impress even the unimpressable…”The Best 5-axis vertical machining center in the world.”
Screen Shot 2018-04-27 at 11.49.17 AM

HYUNDAI-Wia Europe R&D center developed this machine to compete with the best machines in the market and succeeded.  It incorporates a large mono-block design with an X/Y box-in-box gantry.  Although aspects of this design are not new, Hyundai has perfected it at a reasonable price.

Available with spindles from 15,000 to 40,000 rpm, tool changer from 34 to 102 tools, and easily integrated with load/unload automation. To achieve the best surface finishes and tightest tolerances, Direct Drive Motors are utilized in the A & C Axis.  High-precision linear scales are standard on all axes to control thermal growth.  Rotary scales are standard for rotating axis.

It is fast.  2,362 IPM rapids at 1G accel/dec.  This machine is able to achieve these speeds while holding the tightest of tolerance because of the Box-in-Box Design.  With two ball screws in the Y axis, it is able to move the relatively small mass of the Y-axis easily without oversized motors fighting gravity and mass.

It is powerful.  The standard 15K spindle is driven by a 41 HP built-in motor and produces 113 ft/lbs of torque.  Even the optional 24k Spindle has 35 HP and 64ft/lbs of torque.