Understanding Cutter Comp

I came across an article in the CNC-West October/November 2018 issue that effectively explains one of the questions I have been asked repeatedly  to explain throughout my career – “What cutter comp do I use and why?”. Tim Paul, Manufacturing and Business Strategy Manager at Autodesk has done an excellent job of explaining the differences of the various cutter compensation options a programmer will find in most CAD/CAM systems, along with how they are correctly utilized on a CNC’s console by the machinist. Here is a link to Tim’s article.  Please share this with your team!


Another Happy HURCO Convert!


We are excited for Trifecta Medical who just took delivery of a brand new HURCO VM30i.  This machine has already proven to machine their parts faster, more accurately and with better surface finishes then what they have been used to on a competitor’s machine.  Trifecta Medical is a leading manufacturer of Orthopedic Surgical Case and Tray systems.  They are based here in Colorado.  Trifecta Medical has a core team with a combined average of over 50 years in their industry.  Please reach out to Jim directly if you have a need for the best case’s in the industry, built custom to your specific need, and delivered with the best customer service from start to finish.


For more information about Trifecta please contact Jim Spencer, President (317) 201-6154,  jspencer@trifectamed.com or go to http://trifectamed.com/


Kärcher North America

Foothills congratulates Kärcher North Americas R&D lab on their acquisition of a new HURCO VM10i!

Kärcher North America is the leading manufacturer of commercial, industrial and consumer cleaning equipment in North America. They are one of the largest subsidiaries of the Kärcher Group with over 1,150 employees in seven locations (including four manufacturing facilities). In North America, Kärcher is producing and distributing products and services under the brands Kärcher, Windsor Kärcher Group, Landa Kärcher Group, Hotsy, Water Maze, Spraymart, Cuda Kärcher Group, and Shark.

A world leader in the production of hot and cold water pressure washers, Kärcher North America’s extensive line includes over 100 different industrial and commercial pressure washers. Their commercial and industrial grade, floor-cleaning equipment features innovative cleaning solutions. Kärcher North America’s wash-water treatment and dry ice cleaning systems provide unique cleaning alternatives in a variety of applications.

Stoney Neal, happily learning how to probe!



Foothills Machinery Sales is happy to introduce Cole E. Young, Owner/Engineer of Long Pines Design in Centennial Colorado and congratulate him on his journey into entrepreneurship and the acquisition of a new HURCO VM10i.  Cole graduated from Montana State University in 2009 with a degree in Mechanical Engineering Technology.  After graduation he and his wife, also an engineer, relocated to Denver where he began his career.  Over the next eight years Cole gained experience in product design, development, machining, and various other manufacturing skills, along with the leadership skills needed to give him the confidence and wherewithal to venture out on his own.

Please check out his website at:


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