New Horizontal Machining Center


Introducing the latest addition to the HURCO Horizontal Machining Center Line.  This is the HM1700i and can be ordered in either a 3 or 4 Axis configuration.  It has a large 67″ x 36″ table with travels to match.  Standard is an 8,000 RPM spindle with 35 HP and 298 Ft/lbs of torque.  The control is a HURCO MAX 5, the same platform shared by the entire line, seamless integration.

Free HURCO training Classes

Screen Shot 2017-08-25 at 9.26.46 AM

Time to sharpen the ax or back to school, etc..  We have another opportunity for HURCO users, or potential users, to come to FMS for additional training at no charge.  We will have a basic class on the 12th of September and an Advanced class on the 13th.  Again classes are open to anyone at no charge and will be taught by HURCO factory personnel.  Please take this opportunity to increase your intellectual property and machining skills.  If you would like to reserve a seat please contact us @ 303-466-3777 or you can email


School starts next week and the Freshmen are moving in.  The city of Boulder goes from 5,000 to 200,000 in just a few days.  The University of Colorado needed to upgrade their engineering lab and came to us with a challenge, get two machines into the basement lab.  Who ever designed the building had no intentions of putting 20,000 lbs of machines into its’ inner sanctum.  We took the challenge and ran with it.  First of all, our service engineers needed to disassemble each machine from 104.5″ tall, down to 84.5″.  We then craned each down an embankment over the trees and through a courtyard.  The machines were then able to fit into a hole into a doorway that was made for a really short guy.  Through a second doorway, down the middle of the electronics test lab, by the hydraulics test tank and through another doorway.   All of this in the middle of an eclipse.

HURCO into CU.jpg

Time to roll out the new

Mastercam has released the latest version of the most popular CAD/CAM package on the market.  Local users gathered at Foothills to see how the update can benefit their production needs.  We had our in house Mastercam specialists, as well as our partners that use the software in their shops, present the latest upgrades to the software.   

While here, visitors were treated to a visit from Courtney Force of the Force Drag Racing team.  Courtney was here for the Mile High Nationals and after her visit to FMS, she went on to set a track record during her qualifying run at 328.3 mph.  

2017-07-20 13.04.25.jpg

HURCO was also here to show off their Control software to compliment Mastercam.  The HURCO control is a perfect addition to any shop either prototype or production.  With the ability to process g-code at up to 10,000 block look ahead, a production shop can take advantage of the speed and accuracy of the HURCO control.

 Both production and prototype can take advantage of the reduced programming and setup time for the simple parts as well as the more complex 3-Dimensional/5-Axis jobs.

That’s pretty Sharp


Recently the country’s foremost gunsmithing school, Colorado School of Trades founded 1947, has acquired 21 New Sharp Engine Lathes.  Jarred McNeely, Director of Education, is always trying to improve their program by having an up-to-date facility for students to learn in.  Over 140 students are enrolled in their program at any time.  Students can either graduate and start their own business, like Artisan Bart Miller, or they can go into other machining trades.  This program is not like others that teach strictly CNC equipment.  Along with their CNC department, they teach basic manual machining skills that equate into a highly skilled graduate, not just a button pusher.

Although this is a school, they also have the largest fully functioning gun repair shop in the United States.  This shop is open to the public as well as local law enforcement agencies.  They work on 4,000 to 5,000 customer’s firearms each year.  This real-life experience is the reason graduates are the best in the industry.

sharps-in-a-row.jpgScreen Shot 2017-07-17 at 11.13.23 AM.png